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The Formula Partners engagement system revolves around a modular innovation process that focuses on what we call the 'New Entperprise.' The New Enterprise is a fresh model for organizational design, continuous improvement and visionary breakthroughs.

We offer a full suite of proprietary strategy services:

  • Innovation Center Design

    The corporate innovation center can be the most exciting part of a growing Enterprise. Designing the right system around your most innovative employees is critical. Team structure, process, automation and personnel empowerment are just a few of the necessary pieces for success in this arena. Formula Partners has worked with Enterprises like AT&T, News Corporation and Girvan Institue. Read our AT&T case study here.

  • Culture Design

    How do new companies architect culture systems to scale from innovative startups to sustainable and healthy large enterprises? How do large enterprises re-architect their existing culture systems to spur innovation? Formula Partners has identified the foundational principles of building innovative cultures. Through our culture evaluation and implementation methodolies, we can help design your organization for sustainable innovation.

  • Technology Strategy

    Where is your Enterprise placing its $100M bets in next 3-5 years? What is your Open-Source IQ? Are you investing in sustainable technolgies? Are your people systems and processes also sustainable? Can you keep up with the real-time, hyperconnected generation?

    The team at Formula Partners has been incubating Internet products since 1997, since the era of HTML tables, Flash, AOL and Netscape. We have seen a grand experiment change the world forever. We have seen the open-source mature and usher in a new era of collaborative progress. Whatever your goals in technology, we can help inspire and distill your vision.

  • Financial Modeling

    Honest and critical financial modeling is one of the most important, and often overlooked, steps for any project. Formula Partners has a deep team of experienced CPA's and CFO's to put the magnifying glass to your initial assumptions.

  • Technology Feasibility

    You're getting ready to approve a $90M software project on Enterprise hardware. How would your budget be spent on open-source technology? Do you really need 45 people to achieve your goals? Formula Partners has deep experience building Agile teams from the ground up. We can help you allocate resources in the most efficient and cost effective way.

  • Competitive Lanscape

    What are your competitors doing? Where are they having success? Where are they failing? Many the second or third movers in a category learn from their competitor's experiences. The 'wearables' segment could be a good example of this. Apple reportedly sold more watches in 24 hours than Android Wear sold in all of 2014. Formula Partners will help you dive deep into your competitive space and identify the segments of highest value.

  • Customer Modeling

    Who are your potential customers? How old are they? Where do they live? What kind of music do they like? How do they speak? How do they write? Are they on Instagram? Are they on SnapChat? Formula Partners has over a decade of identifying and marketing to qualified customers. We will help you model and target the highest value customer personas for your upcoming innovation project.

  • Market Opportunity Assessment

    Where is the value, the real value? How big is it? How much will it cost you to execute our vision? Will this thing scale once you start spending marketing dollars? Formula Partners will help you answer these hard questions and find the bottom line for your vision.

  • Capital Landscape Analysis

    When it comes to exciting new innitiatives, capital makes the world go turn. Identifying the highest value capital partners, whether private, venture or institutional can make a world of difference. Formula Partners can help place and craft your vision for the reality of existing capital markets.

  • Vendor Accreditation & Assessment

    So many vendors, so little time. Selecting the right vendor can be one of the most challenging things an enterprise can do. With everyone trying to sell you the perfect solution, it can be hard to read between the lines. Formula Partners provides a retained Vendor Assessment service available to your team members in an on-call fashion. We will do a deep dive on your potential vendors. We will even look at the actual code they've written...

  • Cyber Security & Threat Analysis

    Times have changed; the stakes have become much higher. Ask any security expert, and they will agree that we sit atop a giant iceberg of cyber threats. As companies rely on data like never before, protecting that data becomes ever more critical.

    Massive amounts of cloud data also bring about new levels of legal liability. Cyber security is a very dark area. Implementing the correct strategy is essential. The Formula Partners team offers two of the world's leading security experts at your disposal.

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