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Formula Partners has a proven, results oriented track record across more than thirty industry verticals.

Our team of experts leverage their collective experience in a variety of practice areas to apply cross-functional solution design to solve complex problems.

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  • Advertising

    As the connected universe evolves, new consumer touchpoints emerge. Online bulk and performance advertising models have changed the landscape. Formula Partners has deep experience across all channels of Advertising, both offline and online. We have particularly deep in-house experience with performance marketing attribution and large scale data warehousing.

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  • Apparel

    Apparel businesses represent a simple complexity. At scale, brands become 360º businesses. As new models of customer outreach devlop, together with technology's integration into apparel, we start to see apparel businesses as technology problems as well. While most of the 'hard' problems have been solved with e-commerce and fulfillment infrastructure, as apparel brands evolve to match the pace of technology, there we find the exciting problems to be solved.

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  • Beverages

    From health tonics and energy drinks to beer and wine, Formula Parters advises innovative beverage players that are redefining the beverage landscape. Like most traditional businesses, beverage players must take advantage of the opportunities that emerge from our new connected world.

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  • Big Data

    What is Big Data? For many it's an idea, a narrative. For some it's the ability to use other's infrastructure to learn new things. For Formula Partners, it's the backbone of the new connected world. Our personal experience in large scale data storage and analysis will help your organization scale to meet the demands of the data itensive future.

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  • Civil / Public

    Formular Partners has deep expertise navigating the complex world of civil and public project management, funding, and delivery.

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  • CRM

    Customer Relationship Management is one of the most important components of any successful business. From your local coffee shop or cocktail bar to your favorite SaaS platform, CRM can be as simple as 'buy five get one free' to an octagonal IBM, SAP and Responsys integration with other important big data systems. Formula Partners can help you structure the ultimate, yet sustainable, CRM system.

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  • Digital Strategy

    Digital strategy is not just a selling point for many successful large Enterprises. Big dollars require big creatives, they require surgical efficiency with fresh new ideas. Crafting an overall Digital strategy requires a 360º view of the new web, mobile and wearable landscape.

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  • ERP

    Enterprise Resource Planning is the central nervous system of any business. Aggregating and consuming disparate data sources from different parts of an organization and its partners is incredibly complex. Understanding how to select vendors and systems, and wade through all of this data can save a company millions.

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  • Logistics & Transportation

    LWFT: Logistics, Warehousing, Fulfillment and Transportaion. Formula Partners has deep experience in the LWFT space. From Customs clearance to pack-and-ship warehousing to working with giants like Ceva, ShipWire, and Amazon, Formula Partners has been a part of the move from traditional retail to next-day e-commerce on several key levels.

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  • Mobile Software

    Mobile Software has come a long way in the last decades. As an industry we have moved from WML to complex and fluid responsive and native interfaces that are available to us on ever more powerful devices. Push notifications are just the beginning of our hyperconnected world. The Wearable and the IOT spaces are pushing the boundaries of possibility for the future of Mobile Software.

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  • Social

    The millenials are the most hyperconnected industry in history. Young people have changed what it means to grow up, to eat food, to entertain, to listen to music. Every moment is collaborative, broadcasted, streamed and published in real-time. This has fascinating and implications for social brand strategy and community management. Formula Partners not only understands this new generation, but has successfully marketed and sold products and services to the millenials for over a decade.

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  • Toys & Gaming

    The Toy and Gaming spaces are full of fun and wonder, but also hidden complexity at every turn. Whether toy production, physical packaging, or social games, Formula Partners has experience across the breadth of this space.

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  • Wearables

    The Wearables space is one of the most emergent technology segments. We are just scratching the surface of possibilites born from the intersection between manufacturing and mobile data. Formula Partners has been following the Wearables space for some time. Please download our white paper covering some of our recent Competitive Landscape research for 2015.

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