Formula Partners

AT&T Foundry Innovation Center

Bringing the 'New Enterprise' to AT&T.

When AT&T greenlit their global innovation center initiative, key members of the Formula Partners team helped design critical processes and people systems.

AT&T wanted to create a forward-thinking environment for innovation that broke the mold of their existing corporate infrastructure. Formula Partners helped AT&T align their new innovation innitiative with the principles we call the 'New Enterprise.'

The 'New Enterprise' is about creating employee-centric systems that inspire the narrative between technology and people. AT&T built their Foundry innovation center from the ground up. Everything from the physical space to the people processes are designed to create an inspirational environment that supports innovation. AT&T's best and brightest minds work out of the five global Foundry sites on projects and products that are changing the way that AT&T does business.

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